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    Is your business structured for growth, increased productivity, and specifically.....PROFIT?

  • Here's What I Know for Sure.....

    "At some time in every business, an entrepreneur bumps up against the ceiling of complexity, limiting growth. I'm there to help take them to the next level, to be stronger in leadership and profitability."

    ~Jolene McDonough, President of Systems Success, Inc.

  • What We Do

    Systems Success works with companies, team leaders and individuals in implementing key operational efficiencies so leaders can focus their time on where they are adding the most value. Our goal is to build an infrastructure that is not only capable of handling, but inherently encourages, profitable growth. Our primary focus is on these operational cornerstones that support sustainable growth and profits:

    Financial and Production

    Keeping more in your pocket

    Staffing and People

    Honoring unique talent and abilities to create an amazing team

    Organizational Systems and Process

    Integrating the vision through efficient system & strategies

    Leadership, Management and Relationships

    Caring for your people

    Risk Taking

    Managing your Risk

    The Intangible...Spirit of the Business

    Manifesting your Vision

    Legal and Compliance

    Protecting your business

  • Who We Are

    System Success is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and business owners by providing proactive

    solutions and strategies, freeing management and business owners to do what they do best.

    Meet Jolene McDonough

    President of Systems Success, Inc.

    Business & Operations Specialist. Helping Increase Profits for Over 25 Years by Building Strong Foundations and Systems

    Before Systems Success, Jolene spent over 20 years as the Co-Owner/COO of Prudential California Realty, Coronado Financial Corp. and various real estate entities. She helped grow the real estate company from 35 agents and $1.5M in gross income, to over 350 agents and over $29M in gross income. How did she do it? By putting in place processes and procedures that created essential efficiencies. By hiring the right people to support massive growth. By creating a strong foundation so they could go out and do more business with less worry about the back office. These are the systems that MUST be established before your company can handle key growth.


    Since founding Systems Success in 2008, Jolene has been able to focus on her own strategic initiatives by putting her passion for business to work. She consults with various entrepreneurs and companies, delivering the type of services and support that drove her success in her previous company. She is the consummate Visionary’s Visionary, working behind the scenes, providing unique understanding and listening support for the Visionary at the helm. Her happiest days are when she is actively supporting those leaders in delivering and implementing their unique ideas and products.


    In her free time, you can find her exploring the Pacific Northwest or soaking up precious time with grandkids. She lives in the Camas/Vancouver WA/Portland area. A big transition from sunny San Diego (home for 30+ years), but nothing can compare to spending precious “Mimi" time with Avery and Camden



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  • Client Projects

    A sample of the various projects Systems Success has undertaken for our clients


    Master the Art and Science of Hiring

    Let’s talk about hiring! I know, I know… it’s probably not at the top of mind at the moment - but hear me out. When we start to transition back to reality, will your business be prepared to make a comeback? You need a lean, mean, rock star team to help you launch forward. Do you have the skills to attract, hire and retain the people that will help you succeed?


    My friends at Pro REA Staffing just launched a new online course called Hire LAB, and I think it’s the perfect tool for anyone looking to use this downtime to prepare for the future. If you enroll, you’ll learn how to use their proven hiring process and get help with every single step along the way.


    Contact Me to find out how to get $25 off the New Course!

    A Spa-Inspired Co-working space for Women

    • Former Community Manager
    • Advisory Board Member
    HeraHub provides members with connections to other business experts, access to educational workshops, and visibility within the community… thus giving them the support they need to be prosperous.

    American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches

    Creator of Staffology

    Creator of Staffology, a training and mentor program for back office staff of accounting, CPA and financial management firms

    Real Estate Projects

    Real Estate Professional Since 1985

    • Worked closely for 2 years as a Senior Account Manager with Bullseye Hiring, a source for Real Estate Administrative Professionals

    • Developed a Mastermind Group for Real Estate Administrative Professionals

    • Consultant to a national industry leader in documenting and reorganizing the corporate and reporting structure for over 15 locations

  • Resources for Real Estate Agents and their Admin Assistants

    Invaluable Resources & Trainings for the Real Estate Professional Agent or Broker

    Don't have the time or resources to train your new assistant?

    We understand what it’s like to onboard new assistants. And, training a new assistant can be so overwhelming especially when you’re still trying to run a business, prospect and support existing contracted clients. If it’s your first-ever assistant, you probably haven’t even put together a training manual with checklists and other repeatable systems specific to your business. You'll need our roadmap to effectively train your assistants!


    Let our team give you and your assistant structure, tools, resources, templates, scripts, and best practices tips for your business to have greater success. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

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