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Your First (Or Next) Administrative Assistant: When are You Ready to Hire?

Here's what you'll learn on this event:

2:00 - How to know when it's the right time to hire additional team members for your business

5:00 - Strategies for budgeting for employees when revenue is not guaranteed

8:00 - Thoughts on delegating responsibilities to your executive assistant

11:00 - Indicators that determine it's time to hire an executive assistant

14:00 - Qualities to look for in an executive assistant

18:00 - Ann Marie explains why she felt the need to hire extra staff

22:00 - The most difficult quality to find in a new executive assistant

25:00 - Recommendations for those who are thinking about hiring an executive assistant

27:00 - Great resources for how to be an effective boss and leader

If you'd like our expertise in identifying strengths, opportunities, or potential risk areas in your business, email me and I'd love to help you out.

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